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02 September 2009 @ 06:27 pm
my f(x) survey  
ok so today, i was suppose to google some photos about the foods that are from the food pyramid, WHILE i was stalking allkpop.com and i found out about 3 things:

3. GD is going to get sued by Warner Bros. USA for copying Flo Rida's rapping in "Right Round"
2. SM Entertainment really do entertain us with f(x)'s video teaser for "Lachata"

and lastly,

1.f(x)'s "Lachata" was leaked and was uploaded on YT O_O

so when i heard the song, i was thinking of a KPOP fan SURVEY with my classmate, Katrina and here's the catch:


katrina :p: abnoy (Eng: Stupid/Dull)
mich_theblackparade: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOk-au1unaI&feature=player_embedded

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katrina :p: ano yan????(Eng: What's that?)
mich_theblackparade: i wanna ask you
mich_theblackparade: pakinggan mo yang vid (Eng: listen to the vid)
mich_theblackparade: tapos (eng: then)
mich_theblackparade: sabihin mo sa akin (eng: tell me if)
mich_theblackparade: para sayo (eng: for you)
mich_theblackparade: sila nga na ang FEMALE SHINEE????(eng: if they are the female shinee?)
mich_theblackparade: (oo! servey mode ako ngayon!)(eng: yes, i am in a servet mode)
katrina :p: :))
katrina :p: ulowl
katrina :p: dame mong alam (eng: you know alot)
mich_theblackparade: please???
katrina :p: sige na nga (eng: alright,fiiiiiiine)
katrina :p: iiyak ka na eh (eng: you're going to cry anyway)
katrina :p: hindi (eng: no)
katrina :p: ANG PANGET NG BOSES! (eng: they have the worst voice)
mich_theblackparade: XDDD
katrina :p: parang palakang sinasakal (eng: like a choked frog)
katrina :p: XDDD
mich_theblackparade: XDDDD
katrina :p: ang panget talaga (eng: it's really worst)
katrina :p: parang ewan yung boses! (eng: they're like...nothing)
mich_theblackparade: thank you for being in this survey!
katrina :p: bakit ka ba nagsusurvey ha? (eng: why are you making surveys?)
mich_theblackparade: lalang trip ko lang ee (eng: nothing. it's just for fun)
mich_theblackparade: LA CHA TA
katrina :p: iDOL mo yan ha? (eng: they're your idols, right?)
katrina :p: ano? (eng: what?)
mich_theblackparade: loooooooool
mich_theblackparade: basta yun na yun^^ (eng: as long as, a survey is a survey)
katrina :p: lol ka din!
mich_theblackparade: paano ko ba sila i-idolize eh hindi pa sila nag debut??? (eng: how can i idolize them if they haven't debuted?)
katrina :p: ANO NAMAN? (eng: what for?)
katrina :p: whatsyourpointbitch?
katrina :p has signed out. (9/2/2009 7:15 PM)

Last message received on 9/2/2009 at 6:17 PM


well, i know, one things fer sure is that, a survey is just a survey, youknow?


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